bovard stained glass

Custom Stained Glass Star of David Window

Striking amber rondels encircle a new window design being put together for Congregation Ramath Orah in New York City. Vicky carefully bends the lead came to ensure flawless curves around each piece. This unique design also features fused glass, allowing for long bands of red, white, and blue without the interruption of lead between the colors.

Riverside Cemetery Window Restoration

Cemeteries need maintenance too! Here Lyuda is restoring a beautiful round window for Riverside Cemetery in Charles City, IA. Note the heavily textured glass and opalescent color mixes.

Restoration for Orlando, Florida

Clint solders a colorful stained glass window for St. Michael’s in Orlando, FL. The window features a symbolic style with distinct angular lead lines.

Restored Tiffany Windows

A flashback to one of our past restoration projects reveals the splendor of historical windows we had the privilege of handling. Bovard Studio brought to life several Louis C. Tiffany windows for St. Luke’s in Dubuque, Iowa. Note the minimal shading and free-flowing lines, which allow the multi-layered opalescent glass to shine.

Shading Gradations in Stained Glass Painting

The figures on Bovard’s custom-designed stained glass window are continuing to flesh out. Close-ups of the painted stained glass pieces reveal the soft shading gradations and delicate lines achieved by our skilled artists.

Finished Water Themed Rose Windows

The finished stained glass rose windows destined for Edisto Island scintillate in the natural light. They are ready for their permanent home in a water-theme church in South Carolina.

Finished Restoration of Traditional Stained Glass Window

our lady of victory-floral park-ny-web.jpg

A blast from the past reveals a beautiful stained glass panel that was carefully restored for Our Lady of Victory Church in Floral Park, NY. These windows combine elegantly painted translucent glass alongside shimmering, opalescent white and amber glass.

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass

More progress is made for Fron Lutheran church in Roslyn. The large window is strategically designed in four sections to allow for window reinforcements. Care is taken to ensure that figures are not bisected in a distracting way.