stained glass painting

"Come Unto Me" Stained Glass

More progress is made for Fron Lutheran church in Roslyn. The large window is strategically designed in four sections to allow for window reinforcements. Care is taken to ensure that figures are not bisected in a distracting way.

Assembling a Custom Stained Glass Window

Painted stained glass pieces for Fron Lutheran’s custom stained glass window are being assembled. The flesh pieces will be given more layers of paint as they typically require. Each layer will add depth and realism to the glass artwork.

Glass Painting Progress for Icon Window

The painting of our custom-made icon-style stained glass windows is well underway! Mary and all twelve disciples will fit into a series of windows that will brighten and enliven the sacred space for our clients.

Stenciled Border Painting


Stained glass windows often call for repetitive elements to tie together all of the windows in a facility. Take a look at these border pieces, which have been created en masse thanks to silk screen printing and a keen eye.