Our window coverings adhere to the standards for protective glazing set by the Stained Glass Association of America. Since 1903, SGAA has been guiding the industry in protecting and preserving America’s stained glass heritage. Bovard Studio holds a patent for several of the proprietary glazing and venting aspects of our protective covering system, including the Precision Flow® In-Frame Venting System.



Stained glass without proper venting is susceptible to damage from condensation and heat buildup. Bovard Studio offers exterior window coverings to ensure that they are properly vented, protecting against future damage. Trust our qualified team to install your protective coverings according to Stained Glass Association of America standards for protective glazing.




Although the lamination of real stained glass to panels of plate glass windows has been done for two decades, Bovard Studio has developed its own improved proprietary lamination process. We can laminate stained glass to large oversized panels of tempered laminated glass to provide maximum strength. Bovard Studio met the stringent Los Angeles Earthquake Code requirements in designing, fabricating, and installing the laminated stained glass panels for the West Angeles Cathedral. Each panel was 8 ft. x 10 ft. of ½” thick laminated glass, weighing up to 800 lb. each.



Bovard Studio’s exterior protective glazing systems designed for the preservation of stained glass windows have passed hurricane code tests designed to withstand 150 mph wind loads and large missile impact. Our testing was completed by the National Certified Testing Laboratories in accordance with ASTM E1996-02/06 and ASTM E1886-02/05 test methods. Our approved materials include 3/8” Lexan XL-10 and 7/16” heat-strengthened laminated glass consisting of two layers of 3/16” heat-strengthened glass laminated with .090 DuPont Sentry Glass Plus glazed in our hurricane code tested frames.