1. Sales Representative will complete form 12345-678 Project Specifications for potential job. Email to Marketing Assistant with Sales Manager copied.

    • For new windows projects, include complete, typed answers to form 19000-001 or notify Designer if opting out. Alternatively, Client or Sales Representative may fill form digitally.

  2. Sales Representative will follow-up with prospective Client on a weekly basis

    • For new window projects, Sales Representative may notify Designer if opting out or to establish other communication proceedings with client

  3. Sales Representative will follow all other procedures as outlined in Sales Representative Agreement


12345-678 Project Specifications (does this exist?)

19000-001 Rendering Instructions for New Windows (to replace all new window forms)

SOP-1900 Design-New Windows

xxxxx-xxx Sales Representative Agreement

Bovard Studio Contact List

Example Bovard Studio Job Proposal

Standard Bovard Logo



Consider the following facility options for identifying prospective Clients:

  • Religious Facilities

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

  • Community Centers

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Private Schools

  • Airports

  • Bus/Train Stations

  • Concert Halls

  • Museums

  • Aquariums

  • Stadiums

  • Observatories

  • Botanical Gardens

  • Court Houses

  • Capitol Buildings

  • Hotels

  • Libraries

  • Banks

  • Restaurants and Cafes

  • Bath Houses & Spas


Some clients prefer more traditional methods of contact while others are receptive to new methods of virtual contact:

  • On-site meeting with prospective client

  • Phone conference with prospective client

  • Mailed introductory letter and Bovard collateral to prospective client

  • Introduction to prospective client at gatherings including:

    • Conferences

    • Conventions

    • Exhibitions

    • Open House

  • Emailed introductory letter and Bovard website link to prospective client

  • Invitation to potential clients while manning a sales booth

  • Displaying Bovard collateral at local business posting boards

  • Introductory messages to potential clients through social media

  • Sharing Bovard news on social media (links located at the bottom of this page)

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